For generations my family , Fraccaroli Matio said , he devoted himself to the cultivation of the vine in the charming village of San Pietro in Cariano.

Since 1946 my grandfather and my uncle Giovanni Luigi Fraccaroli , pass from one to the production of grapes into wine Valpolicella and Amarone . And it is from here that the wine experience of our family.

The tradition continues and the work then under the guidance of his father Mario , who with great passion and dedication he devoted himself to the care of the vineyards and winery expanding possessions and taking the company to bottle and sell wine at retail. Supported also by the passion and tenacity of mother Theodora.

In recent years it has passed the baton to me , son Flavio, who , attentive to the traditional teachings from his father and had to studies , I offer my service to the production of these great wines. And here comes to life the Farm FlaTio.